Marketta Crackers Package

Dare Marketta Crackers (Front Panel)
A new line of crackers from DARE.

Currently the cracker market tends to be full of classic crackers for an older traditional market. DARE wishes to bring this type of product to a wider audience and dominate the market place.

The brief for this project was to design a new line of crackers that was introduced by Dare, to answer the needs of young urban professionals who wants to show off their culinary knowledge, adventurous nature and personal style. I was required to design two flavors, Thai Lemongrass and Bombay Spice. To convey this, I focussed my concept on historial patterns and textiles from Thailand for "thai lemongrass" and Indian henna designs and patterns from India, for "bombay spice," to give the viewer a visual connection and the exotic feel and taste where the flavor originated from.

Brand Promise: For young urban living entertainers DARE Marketta crackers is the brand for innovative flavours + good times with friends.